About Sterilization

All surgical equipment, materials, and special instrumentation are disposable, steam autoclaved, or cleaned using an OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] approved manner. The office complies with and often exceeds the American Dental Association, Federal, and State OSHA guidelines for office equipment sterilization and disposal of waste materials. We invite you to view our office sterilization facility and ask any questions about topics that may concern you.

About General Anesthesia

Patients frequently see an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to “be asleep” for their surgery. The special management of anxiety and pain is a very individual issue and each patient’s treatment plan is discussed with their personal anesthesia preference and best interests in mind. Our doctors possess special expertise in managing the difficult and anxious child. We speak to our young patients and not around them. We have found that taking the time to explain what will happen and giving children the opportunity to ask questions will help alleviate their concerns and better prepare them for their anticipated surgery.

Drs. Steen, Peysakhov or Rubens may recommend sedation or a form of general anesthesia due to the difficulty of a procedure, the time involved, or the nature of each patient’s personal requirements. While under anesthesia, or “asleep,” our patient’s vital signs are monitored during the entire procedure with state of the art anesthesia equipment to insure their safety including blood pressure, pulse oximetry, end-tidal CO2, and electrocardiogram (ECG). We encourage you to discuss your concerns and options for sedation or general anesthesia at your consultation. We will always try to accommodate your individual needs.

About Imaging and X-Rays

Digital radiography is used in our office to obtain all of our X-ray images. Digital images require considerably less radiation than older “plain films” and may easily be copied, e-mailed to your doctor, and stored in the computer. Digital X-rays are immediate and do not require processing with hazardous and environmentally unfriendly materials. Our office also offers three-dimensional cone beam CT scanning capabilities of the entire facial skeleton. This is immediately useful when evaluating impacted teeth near critical structures, bone sites for dental implants, sinus health, extra teeth, tumors, and when treatment planning for corrective jaw surgery. Digital imaging exposes patients to less than 50% of the normal radiation required for a conventional panoramic films and 5 – 10% of the normal radiation used for an axial CT scan in a hospital.

About Insurance

Dr. Steen, Dr. Peysakhov and Dr. Rubens are contracted with a number of insurance companies. We will be happy to bill your dental and medical insurance companies as a courtesy to you. Third party payment options, including Care Credit, may also be available to help you receive your desired care.


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